We are a husband and wife team making thoughtfully designed, handcrafted gifts inspired by the beautiful countryside we live in, and working to keep traditional crafts alive. We want to introduce as many people to wood turned, ceramic, paper and hand-worked leather gifts as possible. Everything we make starts life on our work bench as a piece of English grown, sustainable wood, clay or a UK sourced, vegetable-dyed leather hide.  All pieces are individual and no design is repeated in its entirety, so you can be assured of owning or gifting something completely unique.  We also offer the opportunity to get involved and experience our crafts too, we offer workshops and clay kits, recreational courses and programmes to help mental wellbeing. 

Meet The Artists

We're Jo and Ian, and we’re the artists behind every Ashes & Oak product. We are passionate about keeping tradional crafts alive for future generations.  Skills used in hand working clay, wood, leather and paper are being made redundant by mass production and computer gaming.  By sharing our own hand made designs and offering courses in these crafts we wish to inspire people to explore and develop their own skills.  Furthermore, our work with children with additional needs, disabilities and poor mental health allows them to not only improve their well-being but also offers them the opportunity to explore their creative abilities and takes the skills into the next generation

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