About Us

At Ashes & Oak we believe in producing truly unique art, whether that's in ceramics, wood or pastel everything is individual and we never replicate a design. Our inspiration, and our wood, comes from the beautiful surroundings that we live in. The materials we use are all sourced locally and always within the UK.  We are happy to discuss commissions for that extra special purchase.  Just drop us a line here.

Ceramic work is undertaken by Jo who has been working in this medium for over 10 years.  She loves the process of turning a lump of clay into something beautiful and how clay sometimes has its own ideas about what it wants to be!  Jo enjoys sculpting wildlife and practising old Japanese techniques such as Raku and Nerikomi.  Raku is a traditional method of pit firing pieces as opposed to kiln firing and Nerikomi is the art of layering hand coloured clays to produce designs that run completely through the piece and not just on the surface. The current range can be viewed in our shop, but be aware they disappear quick.

Our wood turned items are created by Ian who has been involved in machine turned products from an early age.  He loves to be able to turn beautiful creations from wood grown sustainably in our locality.  There is something very satisfying in being able to watch the transformation from tree to art.  Ian has created many commissions for people whose trees have fallen or needed removing.  If this is something you are interested in please contact us, but be prepared to wait for the finished product  as the wood needs to be thoroughly dried before turning and this can take a long time depending on the type of wood and its thickness.

We are very passionate about our craft and as such want to give everyone the opportunity to feel the benefits from getting hands on with natures gifts of clay and wood, as such we have collaborated with a local luxury glamping site to offer craft weekends that will give you the chance to experience wood turning, clay work, pottery painting, Raku firing and even a spin on the pottery wheel.  For more information click here.

We also strongly believe in the positivel well-being benefits that can be found in being creative.  Their are many benefits that can be found through the relaxation of the body and mind once work begins.  We have created bespoke packages for schools, businesses and community groups.  For more information visit our Make it 2 Breat it area.

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Moon Gazing Hare