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High levels of SEND? Poor behaviour & concentration?

Low staff morale?

Lets get creative!

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Demotivated staff? Low productivity? High stress levels?

Is creativity the answer?...

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Do you suffer from a Long term illness or Anxiety?

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Make It 2 Break It Clay Programmes


COVID-19 has touched everyone's lives in a number of ways; children's education and routines have been disrupted; families have been divided; the workplace has changed beyond recognition and unfortunately many lives have been lost.  We now understand how our mental well-being is as important as our physical well-being and how craft can really help to bring balance to our lives. Ashes & Oak offer clay programmes to suit everyone.  Read on to find out about our wellbeing workshops and clay kits, and how they can help you. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

At Ashes & Oak we believe strongly in the calming nature of creating with clay.  Looking back over the many years we have worked with clay it is easy to see how it has been a ‘go to’ during the difficult times of life.  Many of the sculptures produced in our studio have naturally developed into their final finish through the relaxation of the body and mind once work begins.


  • Through our experiences of working with clay and being trained teachers we have developed programs for adults and children to help them feel the benefits of being creative.  The benefits are numerous but the main four are:

  • The physical manipulation of clay helps reduce the adrenaline streaming through our systems when we become stressed.  Adrenaline is responsible for the ‘fight or flight’ responses we naturally feel when faced with an actual or perceived threat.

  • Through working with the clay we become able to mentally move away from the problems causing our stress.

  • Being physically distracted and absorbed in the creative process allows us to view our problems more rationally and create plans to solve them.

  • Working through the programme develops new skills and raises self esteem and confidence regardless of skill level.


We are able to supply one day programmes or programmes organised over several weeks.  We are also happy to provide bespoke packages based on needs.  Please click on the most relevant button to find out what we can do to improve the mental well-being of your organisation or contact us for a chat.

Research Backed

There is a huge amount of research that proves creativity helps to improve mental well-being.  The 2017 large scale study conducted by BBC Arts in conjunction with Dr Daisy Fancourt of UCL is the first study to show the cognition strategies used by the brain to regulate emotions when being creative.  They found that benefits can be seen from a single engagement in creativity, but also found cumulative benefits from regular participation.Being creative and engaging in a new activity has three benefits to our mental health:

  • It provides distraction from the stress of our daily lives.

  • Gives us time to process problems and create a plan going forward.

  • Increases self esteem and confidence through self development.