A normal day at the office

Today was a relatively normal day at the office, or should I say workshop.  Children packed off to school and morning run (pathetic amble) over I settled myself in our little workshop and stared at my new pottery wheel. We hadn’t managed to create a good working relationship in the few days I’ve had it, but I was determined that today was the day we would make beautiful pottery together!

It all started very well and I have thrown several pots I’m happy with and only rejected one, so I think that is a victory. My wheel and I are now in tune. Phew! However once discovered in the workshop by the other half of Ashes & Oak things started to quickly get out of hand. Just imagine the skills and tools necessary to sculpt the beautiful wood on the lathe and then transfer those skills to the delicate and soft nature of clay. I’ll let you think on that for a moment… are there you’ve got it, I can see the look on your face right now. Complete carnage and needless to say that poor mound of clay was only destined for one place, the bucket and a short wait to be reclaimed and used again.

The lesson here people is if you ever get on a potters wheel, please go gently

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