Animal Antics

Clay sculpture was something that I’d admired, but always been a little afraid to try.  What a fool!  It’s always rewarding to see a lump of clay take shape on the wheel or slab, but there is something very special about being able to sculpt an animal and create its personality through the use of tools.   A small amount of clay repositioning can make the difference between a playful animal and a relaxed animal.

I have always adored the hare and I am very lucky to live close to fields where they can often be seen ‘boxing’, so sculpting the piece above came very naturally to me.  It was very easy to view the anatomy and be able to transfer that into the positioning and proportion of the limbs in the sculpture to produce the piece above.

However, today’s piece is a little more tricky.  I have seen the magnificent elephant on various occasions on visits to wildlife parks, but I’ve never seen them in their  natural habitat, and certainly can’t look across my local fields and hope to see them frolicking in the mud!

This made capturing his personality slightly harder but I hope you can see that he is a cheeky chappy having a quick break before continuing his escapades with his brothers.

Today’s weather means he’s not likely to dry very quickly, so we’ll have to wait a few weeks to see if he makes it through his first ‘biscuit’ firing.  I’ll keep you posted on his progress.

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