Mouldy Makes March 2019

Something new for Ashes & Oak in the ceramics department. In the pursuit of developing a range of functional ware I wanted to incorporate my love of hares, but this made the finished pieces expensive due to the amount of time that making each individual hare was taking. Rather than admitting defeat and losing the individual nature of my kitchenware I decided to attempt to make a two part mould. I have never embarked on making moulds before as I've seen so many failures (have a look on you tube and you'll find lots!) and I wasn't overly confident in my own skills.

Once the decision was made it was all about research, and whilst large potteries are making moulds on a large scale I just needed instructions on how to make a simple two part one. Interestingly the internet didn't answer my prayers on this, and it was in an old 1980's pottery skills publication I found what I was looking for. Simple instructions and easy to find tools. My starting point was two ice cream tubs, flexible plastic, a shiny board, powdered potters plaster and soft soap.

After making the basic shape of a hare (without ears or a tail) and a simple bird they needed to be coated in three layers of soft soap. Now whilst the soap looked like normal liquid soap in the pot, it needed to be mixed 50:50 with boiling water, and once mixed it takes on a very different consistency and was described (quite aptly) by my son as 'snot'.