How many children do you have on role that have Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities?  How many of those children suffer from anxiety and exhibit poor behaviour?A report from the Children’s Society has revealed that more than 100,000 children aged 14 in the UK are self harming, with 22% of girls affected.  The statistics are very worrying and whilst these statistics are  just for serious issues, there are many more children suffering with low-level anxiety.  All these issues often manifest as behaviours in the classroom, which in turn adds to the stress of class teachers.


The most recent survey of teachers in February 2021 revealed that 1 in 4 teachers were likely to leave the profession  by the end of the academic year.  This is a rise from 1 in 6 prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.  During the coronavirus pandemic 52% of all teachers felt their mental health and wellbeing had declined either considerably or a little. The teaching Union NASUWT has found that 27% of teachers have needed to see a doctor or medical professional to help with the detrimental impact on their mental and physical health caused by their job during the Covid-19 pandemic.  3% of teachers say they have taken medication to help them cope, 12% have undergone counselling to give them extra support, while 9% use or have increased their reliance on antidepressant drugs. These findings come as eight in ten (79%) teachers feel their job has adversely affected their mental health in the last 12 months and of those almost half (48%) said uncertainty about safety in their school was a factor. 81% of teachers responding to the survey report they have experienced an increase in workplace stress over the past year and almost half (48%) said the job had affected their physical health.


An Ashes & Oak 'Make it 2 Break it' clay programme can help both staff and students by giving them a new focus and space to mentally organise and plan to eliminate their stressors in an expectation free arena.  Programmes are led by Jo, a qualified teacher with experience in primary and secondary schools.  Jo holds a current enhanced DBS certificate.  Programmes for students are built around a values based education and run over a number of weeks (minimum number of weeks is 5) for groups of between 5 & 12 students. 


During the weeks we will visit different clay techniques building up to a final make, with each session building on self esteem and accomplishment. The overall aim is to improve their mental well-being, which in turn will improve behaviour and achievement in the classroom.  'Make it 2 Break It' programmes are a great investment for pupil premium funding.  In some cases there may be full or part funding available.


Full or half day programmes can be run for staff during training days, or on a weekly basis for a number of weeks.  We aim to be flexible as we understand the pressures on the working week.  Whilst staff will gain the same benefits from the strategies and techniques that they will learn, they will also be able to employ these strategies in  the classroom. Get in touch now to discuss how our wellbeing workshops and kits can help you. Click here or call 07979928577